As a real estate agent we take great pleasure in sharing ideas with home owners when they are readying their home for sale.

There are a multitude of books, magazines and Life Style TV programme with so many differing styles and ideas that sometimes we can be overwhelmed. The best thing for your home while you are living there is to go with whatever makes you happy and relaxed. If you like a style or colour Go With It!

When it is time to move on to a new home then preparing your home for sale may mean some changes to the way your Life Style influenced your decore.

Colour-wise, less can look more. A neutral colour scheme is generally more appealing, it also gives continuity throughout the home, and for smaller homes the continuity is so important to give a perception of space.

It is exciting to be asked to share my professional opinion on what should or should not be done when planning to put a house on the market for sale.

The first thing to recognise is that the home owner needs to look at their property from the outside as it were, from a buyer’s perspective. What will make the house more appealing to the target clientele?

Does it need a new kitchen or bathroom, what about the carpets, perhaps it just needs a coat of paint and a de-clutter. Each property is different and it is important that any money spent is directed to what will achieve  the best possible outcome.

If the property is an investment scenario, many investors would prefer to pay a lower price and put their own stamp on it for future capital growth.

The garden is important. It is the first impression of the home and certainly needs to compliment the house.  Coordinating flowering shrubs, foliage plants, and flowering bulbs with colours schemes can enhance the appearance by blending or contrasting the colour of the external walls of the home. Glazed pots positioned correctly are also very useful for this.

The season will dictate which flowers will be in bloom so it is important to choose a variety of plants to flower at different times of the year.

The preparation of a home for sale can be very exciting when you work in with your real estate agent … we know we just love that part of our job!

Call us and we can get together and see where we can take your home!