Some crucial elements of selling real estate will never change. A great agent can use their experience and expertise to negotiate you a great deal on your property by getting both parties to sign the contracts in an emotionally charged atmosphere. Jhai Mitchell, a Business Manager from a NSW agency gives some of the reasons why using a real estate agent to sell your property is as important as ever. 


The emotion around property is usually a strong one, especially for first home buyers. There are normally social and family pressures around buying or selling a home. Small issues become big issues, and priorities all get mixed up in the confusion in buying or selling a property.

Even real estate agents choose not to sell their own home, because they are smart enough to acknowledge that they are too emotional about the place they have lived. Real estate agents know that when people get emotional about property it’s the worst thing you can do to lose money. I have seen one agent become her own worst enemy when becoming a landlord – she started to overcapitalise on her old home she was about to lease. The funny thing is she knows it, and there were many times we had to talk some sense into her.

Hiring a real estate agent that is not emotionally attached to your property is the best thing you can do for yourself. Getting candid advice from a clearheaded, experienced third-party can be worth its weight in gold. This is one reason why you will always need a real estate agent.

Think about it: imagine you’re looking to buy a second-hand car, and you don’t know much about cars. Do you not ask a friend or hire a mechanic to check it out? Do you want advice whether it’s a good buy or not? Do you bring a friend along to help out with negotiations? This brings me to my second point.


As you can see above, emotion ties into negotiation. To hire a person to work in your best interests and to sell your property for the highest possible price, you need a doctor in negotiation. This is where real estate agents pay for themselves.

I will give you an analogy. For most of us selling a home will be one of the biggest financial transactions you will do over a lifetime. Now think about this: heart disease now affects 1 in every 6 Australians and 2 out of 3 families. That is roughly as many people that own a home. Would you choose any old doctor to carry out surgery on one of your family members, or would you choose a heart specialist with a proven track record? You may think it’s out of context but that is what a good agent is, a heart surgeon in real estate.


Nothing will ever replace experience and learning from mistakes in real estate. The best agents have refined their skills over many years, making mistakes, fixing them, learning from them as well as their continuous sales training. We have to accumulate points for ongoing training to keep our licence, and then apply them to the real world. No computer can ever replace a skilled real estate agent, as this is a people business.

Getting the contract signed

A key part in getting a property sold is getting the parties to agree on the same contract. This is where deals either go through smoothly or come apart very quickly.


Real estate agents are trained in finding out thoughts hidden in the back of buyer’s minds. These thoughts can even be subconscious and it is up to a skilled agent to bring them out in the open and to get the contract signed.

Sometimes with buyers there are even hidden agendas until it comes to signing the contract. In my experience, just when you think the property sold, at 11pm, after 3 hours of talking, no one wants to sign.


Then there’s the other side of things. After you’ve got a signature, you need to get to the seller as quickly as possible, before the buyer changes their mind. The seller is normally quite emotional at this point, because of all the years of precious memories in their home. No matter what price you have achieved for the owner it can still be hard for them to move on. Keep in mind this could be 12 o’clock at night, but it must be done or the whole deal could fall apart.

Therefore, there will always be a need for a heart surgeon in real estate. Someone to negotiate and manage people’s emotion during the property selling transaction.