On occasion we have a client or clients who come to us through an enquiry on one of our properties, as a referral from a happy client or because they have dealt with us before and trust us. When this happens we take the opportunity to assist them and look at other properties that are currently listed with other agents.
In most case agents are happy to work with us and we share the commission. The vendor (seller) doesn’t really mind or care as long as the highest price is achieved.
Under the REIQ Standards of Business Practice Article 15 relating to Conjunctional sales it states that “Members shall conjunct on properties with other real estate agents except when a client has given written instructions to the contrary.
“Conjunctional arrangements shall be evidenced in writing and specify the rate of commission, amount of commission and the percentage split, which would be paid if the property were to be sold at the listed or reserve price.”
We are happy to do the reverse and work with agents who have buyers for our properties.
There are agents who refuse to conjunct, which is their choice. We work for the seller so as long as the highest price is achieved we are happy to share our commission with another agent.