More than 400 delegates, including community representatives, Members of Parliament, Mayors and a schools delegation attended the Mackay Summit on 10 May 2013. Through robust discussion and workshops, a series of questions were proposed, voted on and selected to inform The Queensland Plan.

These questions are:

  • In the context of living in the community, how do we move our focus from me to we?
  • How do we create and foster an education culture that teaches skills and values to meet global challenges and optimise regional strengths?
  • How do we empower and educate individuals, communities and institutions to embrace responsibility for an active and healthy lifestyle?
  • How do we structure our economy to ensure our children inherit a resilient future?
  • How do we strengthen our economic future and achieve sustainable landscapes?
  • How do we attract and retain the brightest minds and ideas where they are most needed and capitalise on global opportunities?

From May to August, local Members of Parliament, peak bodies and community groups will host a series of activities, and using the posed questions will create conversations in their community to inform The Queensland Plan. The questions are also posed on an online survey on The Queensland Plan website at

The information collected will then be used to inform a second summit in Brisbane in October. It is expected that The Queensland Plan will be completed by the end of the year.