This month the Government will launch a $4 million trial which will help landlords install solar panels into their investment property.
Energy Minister Mark Bailey said the Queensland Government wanted to remove the barriers preventing landlords adopting solar in the rental market.
“In the past, rental tenants have usually been unable to access the benefits of solar PV because the incentive for a landlord to invest in solar was limited,” he said.
“We will conduct a $4 million trial to assist landlords and tenants share the value of installing solar systems.
“This trial, which will be offered to 1000 houses, will provide landlords with incentives such as a no-interest loans, a rebate off the upfront cost,
and system monitoring equipment.
“We expect this will provide important savings, both to the landlord and tenant and help break
down the current barriers.”
More information regarding the No Interest Loans Scheme and the Renter Trial, which will be open for applications from next month, is
available by emailing the Minister’s office:
Ref: REIQ Journal February 2018