Global data analytics provider CoreLogic has released its first Property Flipping Report, which provides a national analysis of properties that were ‘flipped’ (bought and re-sold within a short time frame with the purpose of making a profit) in 2017.
The research measures flips within one year of purchase and within one to two years of purchase. It also tracks national trends in flipping over a 20-year period, from June 1997 to June 2

Key findings:
• Nationally, almost nine in ten properties in 2017 were flipped for a profit. This included properties re-sold within a year or two years of purchase.
• Property flipping accounts for only a small percentage of property sales overall.
• Historically, the rate of property flipping has fallen, however, property flipping is now on a slight upwards trajectory.
In Queensland property flipping was most prevalent in the Gold Coast, with the area most likely to turn a profit being Moreton Bay North (95.6 per cent profitable), for properties sold between one and two years.
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