MV Real Estate has a property coming up at Kippa-Ring which will be close to the new Kippa-Ring railway station so it was exciting to be one of a select group to be given a tour along the “track”.

The home is ideally located for quick access to the Moreton Bay Rail Link and will be on the market on 22 August.

It was a great opportunity to be able to visit the site of the Moreton Bay Rail Link and see firsthand where a billion dollars is being spent!

128 years ago the idea of a Petrie to Humpybong railway was introduced. Then for the last 100 years it was known as the rail to Redcliffe. It is now becoming a reality as the Moreton Bay Rail Link and is on track to be completed in 2016.

Through community consultation throughout the planning stage and ongoing communication it is one of the best possible outcomes for the region providing much needed infrastructure which has not only provided over 1700 jobs during construction but has also engaged local schools in traineeships.

Local representatives have won the battle for more parking at the “park and ride” facilities and advocated for noise barriers and fauna protection.

So far 360 koalas have been tagged with not one lost due to the project. In fact a number have been saved having being diagnosed with Chlamydia and receiving appropriate treatment.

There will be fauna tunnels under the rail to allow safe crossing for kangaroos, possums and koalas and fences erected to prevent them from going on the tracks.

Alongside the rail will be well lit pedestrian/cycle ways that will be able to be used for emergency vehicles should the need arise.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR)  and Thiess Pty Ltd have been doing a remarkable job utilising fill from the dig outs on the site to build up other parts. There will be rail bridges at Dohles Rocks Road and Goodfellows Road with extension to local road networks for improved access. Road over rail bridges are featured at Capestone Boulevard and Mango Hill Boulevarde to provide for future connectivity.

There will be stations at Kippa-Ring Rothwell, Mango Hill East, Mango Hill, Murrumba Downs and Kallangur joining the current line at Petrie where extra parking is being provided.

There will be some residents who aren’t wanting to live near a railway and others who are relishing the idea and looking forward to the completion of the project and taking the easy option to get to Brisbane!

The view from the Kippa-Ring Station site to our new listing in Ballina Street. Just a hop, step and a jump!

The view from the Kippa-Ring Station site to our new listing in Ballina Street. Just a hop, step and a jump!