Security when moving from one home to another is so important – not just financially but emotionally too and that is where Mel and Lynda, the MVRE Team can help.
When you sell your home or property it is to take the next step in your life style choice – whether it be to upsize or downsize; to relieve financial stress; family circumstances have changed; or, you just want a change of direction. There are so many different reasons.
Putting your home on the market for sale is a big decision, and as your agents it is important that we make it as stress free as is possible for you, so open communication is essential.
Although an agent’s job is to sell your home for “the best possible price in the shortest possible time” (or so the advertisements say!), we believe it is more than that.
Sure, we certainly want to get you the best price, etc as obviously that is how we make our living, but to us it is also about service – good old fashioned one on one communication with you as the seller and with your potential buyers.
Prior to listing your home it is essential to ensure that it is “ready” for sale and this is where we come in initially to help and advise. There can be quite a price differentiation if some factors aren’t addressed.
Getting ready includes:
* General maintenance issues being addressed both inside and outside of the home.
* Ensuring that termite checks and protection is up to date so there are no surprises when the pest inspection is done. n Checking that all appliances that are to be included are in working order.
* If there is a pool or outdoors spa, the Pool Safety Certificate should be done and the pool equipment checked.
We are more than happy to visit your home to assess what may be required before you list for sale to give you an idea if there is anything else that may need to done to get the maximum price.
Once it is ready for sale then the property needs to be staged for the photography – this doesn’t mean you have to go to the extent of the “Selling Houses Australia” situation where they replace the furniture and totally declutter – the property is still your home and although it is on show you still need to be able to live there. Few of us have the resources, especially where children are involved, to ensure a home is immaculate 24/7 so as long as it is clean, neat and tidy for inspections that is important.
Funny story about that – we sold a property in Kallangur where the husband was away and mum was trying to juggle a job, two young children and pack to move overseas and keep the house, garden and pool ready for inspections. To take away the stress, Lynda arrived early each week and got to play with the children while mum got sorted. It was a win-win all round as mum was less stressed and Lynda had a fun.
Once there is a contract, it doesn’t stop there. We have a good relationship with most legal entities and they keep us in the loop which means that many concerns can be sorted out before they become potential problems.
We are there for the B&P Inspections, the valuers from the bank and others that may be granted access, all so that as the seller you can get on with your daily life.
At settlement we don’t expect you to deliver the keys to us we are there for you and to hand the keys to the new owner.
Here’s a story from a recent seller: The MVRE team were my agents when I sold my house recently. They were recommended to me by a friend, and I am very glad I found such a great agency! Lynda and Mel worked tirelessly to market and advertise my home, and I sold in 4 weeks! Always available by phone, they kept in regular contact, holding an “open home” each weekend, and always friendly, helpful and supportive. How many agents come on the day of settlement and help carry things because the removalist was late, and then clean where furniture has been? I can unreservedly recommend them.
We love what we do and would love to sell your property for you.
So if you want a team that will work hard for you before, during and after the sale of you home, please don’t hesitate to call Mel on 0419 799 345 or Lynda on 0412 125 283.