“Is the glass half-full or half-empty?” is one of those statements that we take for granted but don’t actually really think about.

Basically it is said to indicate the tendency for two people to see the same situation differently.

You are thought to be an optimist who focuses on what they have if you see it half full and a pessimist if you see it half empty because the focus is on what is missing. That seems a bit simplistic. If you’re pouring liquid into a glass and stop half way it is considered half full, whereas if you are drinking and you stop halfway then it’s half empty.

When it comes to real estate we have the same scenario – the buyer and the seller see things very differently. As professional agents we like to see both parties with a full glass!!! The seller needs to be able to move on to a new Life Style with as much in the “glass” as possible and it may even overflow! The buyer needs to feel that they too have a “full glass” as they change their Life Style to incorporate their new purchase as a home owner or investor.

I guess what we’re saying is it doesn’t matter if your glass is half full or half empty, as long as you have the rest of the bottle, as in a positive attitude to keep the glass topped up!