Part of our job as your agent is to assist you to prepare the property for listing and then to help in the staging to ensure the best price is achieved for your home.

There are many simple things you can do to display your home better, such as decluttering and staging the home, but most homes also have a few more serious issues that may need fixing before potential buyers arrange a Building & Pest (B&P) Inspection.

If you think there may be some issues that could affect a sale it may be beneficial to organise a B&P yourself and arrange to fix any flaws that may be flagged.

While some repairs may be costly, fixing flaws prior to any inspections places you in a good position. You can choose a reliable contractor with affordable rates. This will help make a better impression on buyers, increase the value and improve the chance of a fast sale. Fixing flaws means the buyer has less reason to try to reduce your price.

  1. Structural flaws – This includes damage to the foundations, floors, framing, walls, ceiling and roof. Repair any cracks, deformations and weak spots, as these are often obvious signs of structural problems.
  2. Safety hazards – Safety hazards include electrical faults, defective smoke detectors, gas cylinders not properly fitted, defects in stairs and stairs without handrails to name a few.
  3. Plumbing problems – This could include damaged rainwater drainage elements such as downpipes, gutters, spouts and brackets, substandard stormwater systems and faulty sanitary fixtures such as toilets or sinks.
  4. Water damage and damp –Moisture and damp don’t just leave unsightly stains, they can also cause serious damage to the structure of a home and result in various health and safety issues. If your house has any problems like leaks, mould or rising damp it is a good idea to fix the cause of the problem, then repaint and repair surfaces that may look unattractive due to the damage caused.
  5. Heating and cooling systems – Effective and reliable heating and cooling systems are important. It is wise to ensure that all these systems are in good working order.

Having made the necessary repairs then the staging of the home becomes the next step. Sometimes reconfiguring some of the rooms can make a difference. If there is too much furniture then perhaps storage may be the answer. Decluttering is essential. And don’t forget the outside. Neat gardens and lawns make a good first impression.

We are both there to help, so please don’t hesitate to call when you are thinking of selling your home.

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