And the next line is … satisfaction brought him back … well 8 times at least if the old saying a cat has nine lives is true!

What has that got to do with real estate you may ask.

Real estate prices invoke curiosity in most of us, whether as home owners, investors or buyers and with changes in the market place a constant topic of conversation by the media and the many industry experts, it is a topic we return to on a regular basis.

We’ve recently been informed that generally those looking for an agent to sell their home want a local expert they can trust so our curiosity got us to thinking … what is a local expert and how do you know who to trust?

Today’s market place is changeable and there is so much information available, whether it be real estate or even groceries, that anyone with the internet can research prices, and they do!

In real estate, looking at who sold what and where can give an indication of activity but not necessarily give a clear indication of knowledge. An agent may have lots of sales in an area but are they at the right price? How do you know when there is no price indication on the For Sales or Sold advertisements?

Many have “patches” and prefer to just service those areas but if there are “out of area” clients who trust an agent then it is important to look after them too. As professionals, real estate agents have access to a variety of informative sources, both online and on the ground, and any good one can research any area or locality to ensure they are up-to-date with current trends. Of course there are geographical limits which make some listings impractical but that is where agents can refer to other trusted agents to ensure clients are well looked after.

Trust is an extremely important element when choosing an agent.