Great news for residents of North Lakes …

Two hundred crimson-spotted rainbow fish will call North Lakes home thanks to the Federal Member for Petrie Luke Howarth MP.

Aware of mosquito outbreaks in the area, Luke Howarth MP today released the native fish into a lake behind Picabeen Court.

Crimson-spotted rainbow fish have been found to be very effective in controlling mosquito populations, they eat mosquito larvae and control the algae that provide protection to the larvae.

Good to see a politician using eco-friendly solutions and funding the project.

The use of local native fish as mosquito control agents is advantageous as they are easy to locate, suited to local conditions and do not cause ecological disturbance.

Luke Howarth MP would like to thank Andrew Shaw from Australian Native Fish Enterprises for providing the fish, and invite residents from the Petrie electorate to make a donation to the project.

To make a donation, please contact Luke Howarth’s office on 3284 8008 or . $2.50 buys one fish.

What a great idea!