In the age of the world wide web the personal approach can appear to fall by the wayside but it is still the best way to do business when it comes to appointing someone to deal with the sale of your home or investment property.

There are many avenues through which a seller can select a real estate agent, most of them good, but by far the best way is person to person and by referral.

There are websites now where agents are given the chance to “sell their wares” as it were by submitting appraisals, their marketing costs and styles, show their knowledge of an area and more, all very useful and can certainly narrow the field. Once the field is narrowed then it is important to “interview” the agents and check what previous clients have to say about them.

Personality is so important. If an agent comes into your home and you feel at ease with that person that’s a good start. If the agent listens, is enthusiastic, realistic and truthful about your home then things are on the right track. You don’t want someone who is only going to tell you what you want to hear and give you an inflated price.

Can you communicate with the agent? If you feel intimidated or uncomfortable then how are the buyers going to feel when they visit your home?

And communication is a two-way process, make sure you are dealing with an agent who will keep you informed regularly and truthfully.

Make sure your agent is a good negotiator. If they offer a cut-price commission to get your business, then your negotiating skills are better than theirs! Not a good sign! If they can’t negotiate on their own behalf how are they going to negotiate on yours!

At MV Real Estate we pride ourselves on the personal touch. It is a true team with two Licensed Real Estate agents, Mel Vaisey and Lynda Roberts, working together with each seller to ensure that from the beginning there is communication and commitment to the selling of the property.

Go to WAGSOCS and check out the Testimonials – they are all genuine and many can be contacted on request.

Whoever you choose, remember, YOU, the sellers, are the ones in charge, but be prepared to listen to your agent as they are the professionals in their field and it is in their best interest to get the best price for your property.

Call Mel on 0419 799 345 or Lynda on 0412 125 283 for assistance if you are looking at selling your home in Queensland.