We just read an article about whether to furnish a home when it is up for sale.

Furnishing a home when it’s up for sale can certainly help prospective buyers imagine themselves in the property, but it does come at a price. So should vendors bother with this extra expense when selling their properties?

Being able to picture the house we are looking at as a “home” whether it is for investment or to live in ourselves is important. Furniture and furnishings certainly help to create atmosphere.

Pros and Cons of Furnishing

As agents we can explain what a house would look like if it had furniture in it, but the buyer has no way of knowing if the agent is telling the truth or just trying to sell a house.
A home that is impeccably decorated leaves a lasting and positive impression on the buyer, they don’t have to imagine anything—they simply have to remember what they just saw. Instead of having doubts about the master bedroom, the buyer feels great about how their own furniture will look in the bedroom when they move in.
When it comes to furnishing, it’s an emotional slam-dunk for most buyers. Furnishing a home with display furniture is an efficient way to make it sell faster but it can be expensive – but there is an alternative.

Hiring display furniture from a professional furnishing company can cost thousands of dollars per month and if the property doesn’t sell quickly it can be quite an outlay.

At MV Real Estate we suggest “virtual furniture” which is a one-off expense for the life of the campaign and for an average 4 bedroom home is well under $1,000. Brochures can be produced and presented to all those viewing the home.

How does this alleviate the empty home syndrome? The photos show how the property will look with furniture, so even when the buyer walks through the empty home the photos are showing him/her just how things will fit.

It is a good investment to furnish the property but it doesn’t have to be expensive and you can “virtually” furnish as many rooms as you like.