There’s a narrow area on and just outside a batsman’s off stump that in cricket is called “the corridor of uncertainty”. It was given the name because if the ball is pitched into this area, the batsman will struggle with what he should do, more so than with any other area of delivery.

It’s the classic conundrum. Leave the ball, and the ball might swing inward, bowling the batsman or even trapping him leg before wicket. Try to play it, and there’s a chance the ball may come off the edge of the bat and the batsman would be out caught behind.

No-one likes to be caught in the trap of uncertainty. It’s the uncomfortable sense of being damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Recently, the dynamics of the property market have led to a real estate corridor of uncertainty.

Interest rates are at record lows, improving affordability. Banks are practically falling over themselves for customers. The media is full of reports about booming markets in certain market segments around the country. Buyer activity is up. But even with all of this, there is an unwillingness by many to transact.

Whenever a vendor’s price expectations on any property are ahead of current market value, uncertainty creeps in to buyer’s minds. Buyers are worried equally about paying too much or the market falling after they buy.

We don’t get caught up in hype or speculation – we’re committed to the process of helping sellers formulate realistic expectations and in turn giving buyers the freedom to actively compete with confidence

(Ref: Jason Andrews, the Voice of Property)